Handling false information- in the light of the Quran

As Salam u Alaikum!

Today I would like to share with you an interesting ayah I came across while reading the Quran. It says;

(Al-Hujurat 49:6)

In this ayah, Allah (SWT) warns the believers about wicked people who come to us with false news or information. He says that when we hear such news, we must always verify it and find out the truth. We must ensure this to avoid harming any person by giving them false information, and later regretting the damage we have caused.

Such acts of transmitting misinformation are extremely prevalent in our modern society due to the advent of social media and instant messaging. Sometimes, we share or forward information that we have not checked or verified before telling our friends or posting it on the internet.

I commonly observe this taking place through WhatsApp. Many times, sly and vicious people with malignant intents fabricate videos and messages that are false, just to spread propaganda and hate. When we come across this, we blindly forward it to everyone we know without checking the authenticity of the material. The people receiving it also do the same. And as WhatsApp is such a widespread network connecting countless people, these fake messages spread like wildfire, and wrong accusations and opinions begin to form rapidly. Whereas, the vindictive and cunning fraudster who started this seemingly never ending chain is satisfied as he has been successful in deceiving the whole community.

I hope all of you have understood the importance of this lesson from the Quran and will implement this learning in your everyday life. I am awe-struck that Allah’s guide to mankind, the Quran, also teaches us this essential lesson which is not only useful for every individual, but also beneficial for the entire Ummah.


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