The Namaz Clock

As salamu-alaikum,

I have thought of an idea which can help all Muslims in reading their namaz at the correct time. This device will be called ‘The Namaz Clock’. It will be a normal clock with an inbuilt speaker and an integrated compass which shows us the Quibla. The speaker will start ringing on whatever sound you want- it could be the adhan, it could just be a small beep or it could also be an audio on your choice.

There will be five switches a the back. Each switch will turn on the sound for a time of Namaz. The name of the Namaz will be written on top of the switch. There will also be a dial below the switches which sets the volume of the sound. You can set  the time of the beep manually or you can also download an app which allows you to set the time by connecting your phone to the clock by Bluetooth. This clock can be hung on a wall, kept on your side table or even in the kitchen .

I hope you all will help this idea become a true thing. Till then, assalamu-alaikum, and keep thinking.



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