Protest Etiquette in the Indian Democracy

Five easy steps to become the perfect protestor

Know the Cause

Okay first of all, why would you be against anything Modiji does, huh? Anyway he knows better and kuch soch samajh kar hi kara hoga so you might as well support him by coming out on the streets. God knows what crazy thoughts these terrorist students might put in the innocent citizens’ minds. Either stay at home and watch some quality news on WhatsApp or RepublicTV or go and wave saffron flags on the road. All these infiltrators will change the face of India forever otherwise. What brutality? What secularism? What democracy? Modiji is no bigot okay he does not discriminate only, and what else do these Pakistanis deserve? Modiji has said na that a Bill that seeks to divide people on the basis of religion is not about religion at all so why don’t you trust him even though half his supporters wants a Hindu Rashtra.

Now understand the real problem this Bill address: refugees. We didn’t want refugees when the Rohingya Muslims were in the midst of a genocide just last year (but we invested in the government that was doing the genocide) because we were overpopulated and under resourced but now our 5 trillion dollar economy can support all these non-Muslim immigrants from these evil Muslim countries. And oh, ignore the Sri Lankan Tamils (some of whom happen to be Hindu also) crying about their genocide, or living under a regime with the state religion as Theravada Buddhism. Please okay, Modiji knows best.

As for NRC, whose realisation Modiji and Amitji are divided upon, of course you trust a government that hides data on hate crime, unemployment, farmer’s suicides, electoral bond donors, and its ministers’ education when it asks you to show fifty year old documents to prove your identity.

Educate Yourself

You have to read the shady article your bhakt uncle sent on the WhatsApp group, first. All these activist people are just anti national terror sympathisers, why just go and read the deleted Facebook post from 2007 they made. Don’t trust all these Congress-funded NDTV, Indian Express, The Hindu etc who are sending ground reports. They are all anti nationals and are very popular in Pakistan you wonder why. Only trust Modia that reports exactly what Modiji wants it to.

As for the protestors, all these idiot researchers, specialised students, and PhD professors, with more degrees than the Cabinet combined, people who have spent their entire life studying policies and politics are all anti nationals with vested interest. Of course they are only protesting because they read one twitter post. That Ramachandra Guha is an idiot only, what kind of historian protests violent history from repeating itself or defends the founding principles of our country? Just another stupid anti national. The United Nations and all these NGOs saying they concerned about the suppression of freedom of expression in India are all pro-Pakistan and very biased. Even Oxford university and all these foreign schools releasing statements of support are doing so that foreign students who manage to not get harassed stop coming to India. Its all a conspiracy, you know.

Support the Police

The police knows best okay. They are supposed to maintain law and order and they are doing exactly that, albeit they are using brutal and extrajudicial methods to establish the will of he dominant class. Has a police officer ever troubled you? A little bribe and they go away, no? Such amicable people they are, abusing their institutionalised use of force.

And all these Jamia, Rajiv Chowk, Mandi House protestors deserve what they got, they must have done something only. Why does the police never lathicharge Jantar Mantar or India Gate where all the rich, upper caste, privileged masses go to candle march, huh? And the police support the democratic protests also, see how nice they are to the pro-government, pro-NRC-CAA bhakts peacefully yelling “goli maaron saalon ko”. The police are just agents of the government, doing what the suppressive regime tells them to. It’s not like they want to actively suppress the voice of dissenters and detain innocents on suspicion or fire at protesters and accidentally kill themor beat up minors from Muslim neighbourhoods or whatever they do. It is their duty only na.

Do not Be Violent

If you are an anti government anti national peacefully protesting and raising slogans on azaadi why do you have to fear BJP, RSS,ABVP wagerah wagerah goons who will throw stones or get crisis actors to subvert the crowds, excusing the police to fire? Because protestors can be identified by their dress no, so local BJP workers in Murshidabad will wear skullcaps and do what they can to incite mischief. Good for them. If your anti national university gets broken into by police yelling Jai Shree Ram, and if cops leave a trail of blood in your library and shoot at students and end up arresting random outsiders that is also your fault.

History shows that asking nicely will get you everything from voting rights to emancipation from slavery to occupation in Kashmir; hence violence has no place in a protest. And protests (or dissent, for that matter) have no place in our democratic country, okay.

At the Protest

Guys, it’s very easy to protest safely, rightfully and peacefully. Just wear Modi masks and wave RSS flags and throw some “Pakistan Muradabad” while you’re at it. It’s chill bro.


Hedayah Annual Shura 1441H

The wait for the Annual Shura 1441 by Hedayah Gurgaon was worth it as it was organised at OYO Townhouse Sector 47 Banquet hall on 29th September 2019 / 29th Muharram 1441 HE

Preparing for the event

Children prepared with a lot of enthusiasm for the event. This gave us all a chance to connect more. Alhamdolillah!!!

Another End

How much is too much and how little is not enough?

There comes a point, after the frightened tears and ringing ears, when all becomes numb and you don’t feel anything at all. When horrifying headlines and terrifying tweets make you giggle because the alternative would be crying and you don’t have the strength to do that anymore. So you laugh in the face of utter misery, until the silence stops echoing.

I am not an student of law, or of politics, or of history. But the first thing all third graders learn in social studies class is democracy is the best form of government because the people get to rule themselves. Because they are citizens not subjects. Because its ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’. Because ‘people and their wants’ is the central theme of democracy. I guess disappointment is just something you accept when you grow up. But now that you don’t get marks for it for being politically correct you can go around giving sweets to celebrate the death of democracy. I mean, if your government isn’t studying the Constitution, why should you either.

I won’t explain to you the details or the legalities of that little piece of paper considering history books will include it soon enough, for better or for worse. But I will paint you a picture, of 1.4 million troops (that’s one third of one of the biggest armed forces on the planet) holding guns on empty, deserted streets. I will show you the utter silence where no phones chime or ring, and no voices whisper again. I will take you to the homes of the disappeared, the gagged and the missing. I will paint you a picture of a people without a voice, of a people with darkness in their eyes, of a people erased. I will ask you, and you won’t answer.

On a brighter note; tyranny, forceful occupation, colonisation, ethnic cleansing, genocide? Not yet.

“Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un” and move on or “Inna Allah ma as-sabireen” and wait

The struggle doesn’t end yet.


The Vespa Rider’s Syafakallah

It’s not just a book, it’s a journey of a man towards self discovery and most importantly, towards Allah SWT.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Truly, in some poetry, there is wisdom.” [Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud]

From the times of the Companions and their Followers, throughout the centuries and across the Muslim lands, scholars and layman alike listened to, composed, recited, gathered for and encouraged poetry an expression of heart-felt and melodic rhythms. 

Similar to the Islamic Qasida form of poems, Syafakallah consists of a series of poems that base themselves on a serious meditation of elevated subjects. The poems follow a regular rhyme scheme that echoes and parallels the consequent order that Allah has created and in that sense, it appeals to the senses of the readers.

As a reader and a young member of an increasingly liberal world, what strikes out most is how the author engages an audience larger than his community. The poems are relatable and offer more than a guide to humanistic values. The simplicity of the poem makes out for a prominent feature. It offers a range of people, rather than a definite set. In this sense, this fantastic piece of literature stands out encouraging people to take a path of self-reflection.

Written by a narrator reticent about his whereabouts, the introduction of the book serves key in both establishing the context of the book and the purpose of the narrator’s writing. As a servant of the Singaporean civil forces, the poems explicitly hint at the life of a soldier whose isolation leaves him to ponder on the various aspects of life eventually bringing him closer to Allah SWT. 

The Vespa Rider’s stream of thought is transfigured into a simplistic monorhyme that dwells into the reader’s mind and a Hadith at the end of each poem serves to connect each contemporary piece of writing back to Allah SWT. The beauty of the poems lies in its simplistic structure inviting the readers to enjoy the poem with minimal struggle. However, at certain moments the book floats away to touch other themes – more theological rather than concentrating on Islamic aspects of the narrator’s epiphany during these crucial moments of his life.

Overall, this piece of writing stands out like a living spirit that absorbs emotion and exploits it to weave a story that glorifies Allah and reminds the readers of his power. Vespa Rider’s burning words create a rather soothing impact on the reader as he leaves us with a cliffhanger ending- an end where we decide what we take from what he gives.

Riza Mirza

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

This was the First Friday after the Last Friday

The bodies not yet cold in their graves,
The bloodstains on the walls not quite gone
The flowers on the sidewalk not yet wilted
The knees of the faithful not quite worn

The iron willed, the fiery eyed, the strong souled,
They rise
“Allahu-akbar”, begins the takbīr

This was the First Friday after the Last Friday

There were gang bikers on the streets
There stood armed policemen across
There watched thousands of strangers
There with the faithful they stood in solidarity

The bright-smiling, the quiet gaited, the calm minded
They bow
“Subḥāna rabbī l-ʿaẓīm”, recited in ruku’

This was the First Friday after the Last Friday

They stand on the firmest of grounds
They avow in the strongest of terms
They impassion to the deepest of hearts
They love on the greatest of heights

The hand holding, the kind hearted, the soft spoken
They prostrate,
“Subḥāna rabbī al-‘aʿlā,” whispers of sujood

This was the First Friday after Last Friday

The broken do not weep, they are tranquil
The tragedies do not hurt, they are honoured
The martyrs do not die, they are blessed

This day too more walked through the very same doors
This day too they smiled and welcomed their brothers
This day too peace was delivered to all who sought it

The worshippers finish the first of many Salatul Jama’ah to come,
“As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatu llāh”

They took the peace with them