Outreach programs for non muslims

For the Sunday classes that we organize at our home, there were questions raised by some residents and members of RWA at the RWA meeting (which I couldn’t attend due to Sunday class).
The issue was not taken for discussion as some members thought it is like a regular tuition and doesn’t impact others.
What I realized that the people who would have talked in our support would have definitely been one of the neighbours whom we interact with and they know us well. Which in turn tells me that we may not have been able to reach out many others who are worried and concerned (though there are no reasons required for people to get concerned about us). We are new to the area and it will take some more effort to build realtionships.
What I think is that we need to do some outreach programs and be prepared with materials which can be used to talk and explain to many of our non Muslim friends, neighbours etc. We need to do our bit and this is what Quran and Hadeeth tells us. Ignorance is increasing the hatred and we seem to be doing nothing about it. We are waiting for some Mr Yadav or Mr Gandhi or some Buaji to do something for us. I think we can do better than them.
Suggestions welcomed. Please consolidate your ideas and we can give it some shape quickly.

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  1. Assalam Alaikum…
    Last evening I reached out to two more neighbors and used the opportunity to explain that the true meaning of Islam can only be understood by understanding what is written in Quran first hand. One of them has started watching some lectures by some of our Alims and was surprised to hear that there was nothing negative about anyone. It was his observation that the speakers were just trying to tell Muslims that they are not following what Quran has asked them to follow in day to day affairs…

    Please reach out to at least two neighbors around you to start with and explain what Quran and Hadith has to say. This will build our confidence as well.
    May Allah guide us.

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